Before coming out as a cartoonist, Josh worked as a web programmer, designer, and webmaster for ten years. He is fluent in HTML, PHP, CSS, and other things he doesn't bring up in personal conversation. He's 32 years old and lives in New York with his wife Shereen, a voice teacher and opera singer. They have two cats and look to food for nourishment.

As a kid, Josh copied characters from the newspaper funnies and watched animated films frame-by-frame to study the character designs. In high school, he and a buddy drew and distributed homemade comic books. Later he worked as a designer and illustrator for a small newspaper in Millbrook, NY.

For the past ten years he's been the webmaster for Nyack College, his alma mater, as well as a host of freelance clients. The high stress of freelance work combined with the REALLY high stress of being a webmaster ultimately led to his decision to pursue his original dream of drawing cartoons for a living.

And here we are.

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