Charles Burke
Before Chuck's thirtieth birthday he was already doing quite well for himself. He was the Editor-in-Chief of one of the nation's most widely read newspapers (The City Times), and lived in a city that was overflowing with adventure and opportunity. Then a corporate merger cost Chuck his job and sent him to the remote upstate town of Riverbed, where he found himself in charge of a tiny staff and a dying paper. Without a corporate bureaucracy to  get lost in, Chuck had better show some real leadership and resourcefulness. Too bad those aren't his strongest attributes...

Chuck's first appearance
Strip that sums up his character

Brenda Caldwell
Brenda is the Riverbed Chronicle's secretary, archivist, proofreader, advice columnist, photographer, and advertising representative. She's the engine that keeps the paper running, but she's also the conscience.  "A nice girl from a nice family," Brenda doesn't always get Chuck, but she's become his first friend in town.

Brenda's first appearance
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Gene Hendershot
Gene is the Riverbed Chronicle's only reporter. What he lacks in journalistic zeal and sensationalism he makes up in honesty and good intentions. He avoids controversy at all cost to the frustration of Chuck. He may seem naive and meek, but if we hang out with him long enough we might discover that his good nature does have its limits.

Gene's first appearance
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Art Sprague
Art is the Chronicle's illustrator and cartoonist. He's an ex-hippie and a bit of a space cadet. He eats organic and meditates, but you wouldn't know it because he rarely talks about his personal life. He doesn't have time to, as he's usually spouting some conspiracy theory. Art's comic strip is called "Riverbed Junk-shun," and features a gang of happy animals living in the Riverbed Waste Dump.

Art's first appearance
Strip that sums up his character
Riverbed Junk-shun's first appearance

Jonas Milford
For ninety years Jonas printed every daily edition of the Chronicle from a shed out back behind the paper's offices. He vehemently opposed any technological advances, and for ninety years he met no resistance. Enter Chuck with a mandate from the honchos to bring the Chronicle into the 21st century. Unfortunately, Jonas is no longer on staff.

Jonas' first appearance
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August Q. Finch
August Q. Finch founded the Riverbed Chronicle in 1917. His untimely death in 2006 left the future of the paper in question. Finch was independently wealthy and rather eccentric. Little is known about him, though Brenda knows many outrageous anecdotes about him. His legacy lives on in the form of a bust in the tiny boiler room office of Chuck Burke.

Finch's first appearance
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Constance Hatch
The late Constance Hatch was Riverbed's most outspoken crank, a busybody who managed to be offended by everything the Chronicle ever printed - even Gene's articles! Sadly she is no longer with us.

Constance's first appearance
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Ted Phelps
Ted is Chuck's friend back in the city. He also works in the publishing industry, as the founder and editor of Guy, a magazine "for dudes." He's an adventurous playboy, at least compared with Chuck. He attempts, in vain, to get Chuck to lighten up.

Ted's first appearance
Strip that sums up his character

The Publishing Executives
Chuck's big bosses and not his biggest fans. These guys are wealthy, powerful, and through their growing media empire are frighteningly influential. They will be the authors of most of the challenges in Chuck's life.

The Publishers' first appearance
Strip that sums up their characters

The Staff of The City Times

Chuck's staff at The Times  were diverse in terms of culture and competence. They were so numerous that Chuck probably never met all of them. That might have been a good thing.

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