posted Wednesday January 2, 2008 by JoshWay
I'm counting on 2008 to be a big year for this comic strip. The readers I've picked up in the first three months are few but faithful. Now that the archives are not-so-empty and the story is moving along, it's time to connect with all the new readers I know are out there just waiting to find us. I have a lot to learn about advertising and merchandising, and this year is my opportunity to do it.

Meanwhile, if you're already a Chronicle reader, why not visit the forum and let us know how you're enjoying the comic? The other members and I would love to hear from you. And if you do enjoy it, why not obligate your friends and family to check it out? And make sure you're obnoxious about it. Put your most cherished relationships on the line for me, please. Thanks!

I can't wait to draw a comic strip every single weekday in 2008.

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