posted Wednesday November 28, 2007 by JoshWay
I've conducted an advertising blitz via Project Wonderful this week, so hopefully some of you reading this are the fruit of that effort.

Chronicle is coming to the end of what I'd call a prologue. Next week Chuck will hit the road, and a new stage in his life will begin. If you're new to the strip, visit the archives or click here to read from the beginning. The story of Chronicle is a single long narrative, but it's drawn and written to be enjoyed in daily doses. You can subscribe via RSS or email (use the form on the homepage). The strip is new every morning, Monday through Friday. 

Please join us in the Chronicle Forum if you have the chance. I'll answer any questions you may have about the comic, or we can just shoot the breeze. I also post artwork in the forum from time to time, and encourage you to do the same.

In the next couple of months, look for some big improvements to the site. These will include a new store and some additional supplemental content (more funny stuff). Thanks for stopping by!

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