posted Tuesday May 27, 2008 by JoshWay

Rifftrax does X-Files!

Phew - I can finally talk about this!

Mike Nelson’s “Rifftrax Presents” just announced a new commentary featuring Bill Corbett and Mary Jo Pehl (of the legendary Mystery Science Theater 3000) taking on the original X-Files movie “Fight the Future.” This track is especially… special to me because, well, I helped write it.

Bill contacted me and asked if would be interested in contributing some jokes as an experiment in the ever growing Rifftrax behemoth. I was one of three contributing writers on this track, the other two being Courtney Enlow and Sean Thomason. Here’s Bill’s forum post announcing our involvement.

So if you’re reading my comic and you’ve never taken Rifftrax for a spin, maybe this could be your gateway track. Release date is June 3.

Together, we can put the stupid Future back in its place!


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