posted Thursday September 27, 2007 by JoshWay
Chronicle may be a daily online comic strip about the life of a newspaper editor, but to me it's rock n' roll. Or a symphony. Or a ripping bluegrass banjo solo. Or an aria. Or an experimental, funk-infused prog opus.

You know how pumped up you get when you're alone listening to your favorite music, wishing to heaven you were the person responsible for it, and wailing along with unbridled excitement and passion? Do you know why we do that? We do it because we long to create, and we want desperately to make something that affects others the way our favorite songs, books, movies, and recipes have affected us. It's not enough that we "get" it, we want others to get it too, and we fantasize about being the harbinger of said enlightenment. The sad part of this equation is how many people never discover that it doesn't have to stop with the daydream.

For me, Chronicle represents putting down the iPod and picking up the guitar. Or, to dispense with the cheezy metaphor, it means I'm finally living out a dream I've been dreaming for too long. And I'm having a blast. When you read Chronicle every day (please read it every day!), remember that what you're reading is a comic strip drawn by a guy who loves comic strips. And guess what? He's happy as a clam when he's writing, drawing, inking, lettering, uploading and looking at his comic strip. Mega, ultra, friends-are-getting-worried happy.

So thanks for dropping by. The strip will be new every Monday through Friday. You can subscribe via email or RSS. I hope you like it, and I hope you stick with it. Here's to our new creative relationship.

And here's hoping you make some beautiful music of your own real soon.

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